Rumor: Battlefield 2018 to Be Battlefield: Bad Company 3

While Battlefield 1 just had its latest expansion, Turning Tides, released today, franchise fans (like me) are already looking forward to what Battlefield 2018 will be.

Well, if this recent video is anything to go by, it’ll be none other than Battlefield: Bad Company 3! This info is courtesy of AlmightyDaq, who also leaked a ton of Battlefield 1 info that turned out to be legit. Here’s some of the info we’ve compiled from the video.

Various locations in the campaign will be “mid and post-Vietnam conflict” and not include the Cold War, and will not be “historically accurate.” Game modes confirmed to be in it are: Conquest, Rush, Operations, Domination, Team Deathmatch. There will be a 5v5-centric game mode similar to Squad Obliteration.

Maps will allegedly focus on “tighter gameplay” rather than “all-out warfare” and will be similar to Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 maps like Oasis Grand Bazaar, Harvest Day and so on.

Regarding gunplay, there will be Vietnam and Cold War era guns, and the gun customization will supposedly rival that of Battlefield 4, which means it’s going to be robust compared to the more simplistic approach of BF1. The character, gun and vehicle customization will also be improved (think: BF4 than BF1), which should be good news for lots of players who are into that.

When it comes to vehicles, players can expect modern tanks, LAVs, helicopters and the like to make a return, The kits (classes) in Bad Company 3 will be the Engineer, Support, Assault and Recon classes, which, if true, will be similar to BC2. Allegedly, the overall gameplay will be a “faster tempo” than BF1, and will have a higher skill gap.

Finally, microtransactions won’t be a thing (at least for now), and it won’t follow the same path as the highly controversial Star Wars Battlefront II! Let’s hope this is true, and that EA has learned a lesson or two from what happened to BFII.

AlmightyDaq mentions that we should expect a reveal at E3 2018, which is where EA typically announces their big games, and that a lot of YouTubers already know of BC3’s existence though aren’t talking about it for now.

You can watch the video below to hear it all firsthand, but remember: all of these things are rumors, until proven or debunked by EA and DICE. Even if Battlefield 2018 is indeed Bad Company 3, there’s a lot of things that can change which could make the info inaccurate. We’ve reached out to EA and will update the post if and when we get a statement about this.

If true, would you want Bad Company 3 or would you rather DICE release a direct sequel to Battlefield 1? As a longtime fan of BC2, I really hope this is true, and that DICE gives us a BC3 that’s faithful to BC2 which some consider one of the best titles in franchise history.

Share your thoughts about this in the comments below, and get hyped, soldier!

  • This is what I mean by sexy rumors/announcements. If this turns out to be true, I will be very very on board with it, but as always, will keep Battlefield at an arms length due to the past games being very… unfinished.

  • Graphic-J

    “the overall gameplay will be a “faster tempo” than BF1,”.
    Wait, faster than what BF1 already is?! Ouch.

    I just hope the skill cap is as at least as good as what it was in BC2.

    • Hyh Ddd

      He mentions a higher “skill gap”

    • Asimb0mb

      BF1 actually feels pretty slow in comparison. BC2 is faster and more arcadey.

  • sircolby45

    “Maps will allegedly focus on “tighter gameplay” rather than “all-out warfare” and will be similar to Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 maps like Oasis Grand Bazaar, Harvest Day and so on.”

    Oh man! This line right here gives me hope that maybe just maybe they actually figured out one of the big things that made Bad Company 2 so great. It wasn’t that Bad Company 2 didn’t have the big “all out warfare”…It was just that Bad Company 2 also had maps that dialed it back a bit and let you have some fantastic infantry play as well on maps that weren’t too huge to traverse on foot. Arica Harbor, Oasis, etc.

  • oofy

    Color me intrigued.

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  • vejling

    BF1 does not deserve to bear the “Battlefield” name at all. Bf4 needs a proper sequel. Im looking very much forward to this one.

    • Cujucuyo

      Amen to that, BF1 was awful and not fun at all.

      • Just a guy

        Are you both kidding me?

        • Cujucuyo

          Not at all, BF1 is terrible for the most part, sure it’s WW1 but it’s too clunky, it’s not optimized properly for PC, and the weapons are not fun at all to use, the planes are a lot of fun and that’s the only good point, other than that it’s hot garbage, I regret buying the game and premium since I was and am such a big BF fan, never again.

    • Peter

      disagree completely. BF1 is an awesome game, and a faithful Battlefield title. It’s not a modern shooter but it comes with a lot of fun gameplay and better maps than BF4…although still not as good as BF3.

      • sircolby45

        No…just no. Battlefield 1 has the worst gunplay of any Battlefield series to date.

        • War Gazm

          And again… I couldn´t agree with you more!

    • War Gazm

      Couldn´t agree with you more!!!!

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  • Darkthunder

    If they’re not going for “Historical accuracy”, would it be too much to ask for old-school 1942/Vietnam style propeller-planes alongside modern day choppers? That’s one thing I felt was sorely lacking in previous Bad Company games (airplanes), and at the same time I think jets are far too fast for this “tighter gameplay” (and thus smaller maps).

    • William Rodriguez

      “modern day choppers”. If the setting is not modern day..

      • Darkthunder

        Choppers then. Period. As in, any chopper built from the 1950s until today, and have aircraft with propellers instead of jets.

        • William Rodriguez

          Okie doke. Hey imagine an Apache vs a prop. Oh the screams/emails/posts

    • sircolby45

      I hope not. I find planes/jets annoying personally.

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  • William Rodriguez

    Bad Co 3? Yes. Vietnam/Post Vietnam era? No. Why? A veteran of BFBC1 or 2 will tell you. Dice is that company with a bit of brainfart.

    • Asimb0mb

      Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam is the best Battlefield expansion to date.

      • William Rodriguez

        Thats right! Expansion!
        So happy someone knows the obvious and can let me know.

        • Asimb0mb

          If DICE can make an entire game like that instead of a simple expansion, they’re ready to make a Vietnam game. You don’t agree?

          • William Rodriguez

            Why would i disagree with the obvious?
            If they do and you like it thats awesome. For you.
            We shall see.

            • Sterling Tisdale

              battlefield vietnam was its own game already. was just a dlc on bfbc2

            • Sterling Tisdale

              came out in 2004

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  • Suicidal1

    I’ve been waiting for another Bad Company game, let’s hope this is true. If it is, I just hope they are able to stick the the formula that made Bad Company such a great game.

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  • Diego Garcia

    Footage is from actual BF4 gameplay.

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  • Renato Mota

    Wainting for BF2 (rebuild or remake)

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  • János Erdélyi

    Battlefield game as was until Battlefield 3 perhaps 4 is terminated,ruined by ElectronicArts.Everything they buy up ends in the gutter finally,just a money hungry company.Look what they made from Battlefield 1. R.I.P. Battlefield.

    • sircolby45

      Yeah, Battlefield 1 is easily the worst Battlefield ever made. The gunplay is just atrocious.

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  • David Leahey

    I’d rather see a sequel to 2142, Titan mode is some of the best MP I’ve ever played.

  • andrewsqual

    If it has no multiplayer mode I will consider buying it. If it has any sort of multiplayer at all I won’t be touching it, EVER.
    The past 7 years of DICE games (since Bad Company 2 pretty much) have thought us that they can’t do Single Player campaigns anymore that are longer than 3 hours. And if its a Single Player only game like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, they still screw it up.

    • Sterling Tisdale

      lol wat are you serious. bf3, bf4 were both great games that i still play. solid multiplayer and campaign. bf1 was ok not amazing but not bad. im gonna buy it regardless. but i hope it has a multiplayer because thats what i love. but i know it will 😀 so i guess i wont see you on the battlefield haha but i know you will buy it because everyone who says they wont buy it…buys it lol

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  • War Gazm

    I just hope like fuck that DICE LA isn´t the one making it, or it will be like Hardline and BF1… which totally suck. Go back to BF2/3/4 style, that would be great, finally a worthy followup to BF4….

    • Cloud Flash

      DICE LA didn’t make either of those games. The now-disbanded Visceral Games was behind Hardline, and BF1 was done by DICE Sweden.

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