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Mat Houchens

Mat Houchens
Writer - News
Creator & Founder of I Play COD, one of the largest Call of Duty communities on the interwebz. Chances are you know him better in the gaming world by his alias Nuck Fuggets. When not playing video games, he likes to spend time with his amazing daughter Lacey and beautiful girlfriend Lauren.
50% off MW3 DLC Deal, Slap in the Face to Premium Elite Members? News 54

News 54 Update 2 – The sale has been officially announced for all three platforms. Major Nelson seems to have jumped the gun with the announcement last week. Update 1 – It appears that the DOTW from Major Nelson’s blog containing the 50% Off for Modern Warfare 3 DLC was removed “pending confirmation.” Hopefully, this means the information was not accurate and […]

How to Balance Black Ops II’s Perk System, Solutions for Ghost News 85

News 85 The Call of Duty community is so large that there will never be a solution that will please everyone when it comes to perk balancing. It’s likely that even those of you reading this piece will disagree with me on some of these ideas. That’s okay. That’s what makes this community great. We all have […]


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