Destiny 2 Iron Banner Tips and Tricks for This Week


This week has seen the return of Destiny 2 Iron Banner for the second time during Season of Opulence. During Iron Banner a special Crucible playlist becomes available, in which the Power Level of all weapons and armor are take into account, meaning that those with even a slight advantage can wipe the floor with weaker players. We thought we’d put together a few tips and tricks for you to try out this week, and hopefully use to succeed in the most brutal PVP competition in Destiny 2.

Buy Every Bounty From Lord Saladin

Lord Saladin is offering weekly bounties that you can complete over the course of this week with Iron Banner. Buy them, and just hold them in your inventory, even if you’re not actively playing Iron Banner every day. Completing these will award powerful gear at and above your current Power Level, and they’re not even that difficult to complete. As long as you play enough Iron Banner matches this week, you’re almost guaranteed to complete every bounty, which will award you a lot of new gear for your Guardian.

Wear Your Best Weapons and Armor

This one might seem obvious, but every single Power Level really will help. In traditional Crucible matches the playing field is evened out, so Power Level isn’t taken into account. This means that brand new players can compete with and against those who have put in hundreds of hours, without being completely crushed.

In Iron Banner the Power Levels are taken into account, so if your weapon is at a higher level than an opponent’s armor, you can deal a little more damage, and kill them slightly faster, than you usually could. This makes all the difference in Iron Banner, because everyone is at the top of their game, wearing their best weapons and gear. If you’re wearing something that’s even one level weaker, then you’re going to suffer for it.

So don’t worry about what you look like. The event is only live for one week anyway.

Capture the Control Points

This week’s Iron Banner game mode is Control. This is exactly the same as Capture the Flag in other games, except there are three zones to capture and hold. If a team captures all three zones, then they are locked for a short period of time, during which that team gains bonus points for all kills they make.

Capturing zones is the name of the game, and if you don’t do it you won’t be helping your team. If a team can capture and hold just two zones for the whole match, then they can win. The reason for this is that they’ll be earning two points for every kill, while the enemy will only be earning one. This is the best tactic for playing Iron Banner Control.

If your team manages to capture all three zones at some point, then find and kill as many enemies as possible for those bonus points. Getting as many points as possible during this phase of the match will help ensure your team wins.

Hold Control Points

If your team has two zones captured, then give everyone a helping hand and stand near one to defend it. Nine times out of ten, the reason that enemies capture your zones is because no one is there to defend them. If everyone on your teams runs off to capture point B for example, then yes you’ll probably capture it. However, you’ll also probably lose points A and C to the enemy, who have easily snuck around you and your team to pick up the zones you’re ignoring.

Generally point B is the zone that players fight over the most. It’s almost always the hardest to defend because it’s in the middle of the map, right at the point where players run past it on the way to either point A or C. Leaving B alone and focussing on A and C is a great way to ensure your team always has two zones under their belt, and it’ll stop you all becoming cannon fodder to the enemy if they currently have that zone.

In summary, don’t be a hero, just play it safe.

Help Each Other

This final point should really go without saying. Make sure you help your team out if you see them fighting other players. It might look like they’re making short work of the enemy, shooting them in the head as they run away, but they could just as easily be killed by three others once you look in a different direction. Heading over to an ally and helping them take down an enemy is safer than trying to go it alone, or leaving your allies to go it alone.

By following this, and all of our other tips, you’ll rack up the kills and points, and win the match almost every time. You’ll also earn yourself some nice new loot in the process, which will then help you win even more matches in the future.

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