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Preface: Allow me to start by saying that I am somewhat of a Sony fanboy. I have only played an Xbox once, but I research and know enough people to say I am well-versed in the topic. The main course of this post is tailored to PS3 users, but several games could overlap with 360 users. I will provide my personal experiences that define this generation in large-scale and really make it personal to me. Hopefully, you find it quite an enjoyable read and learn something or two that can help you make the most of the PS3’s closing months.

Without further ado…

In honor of the emergence of XboxOne and PS4 and the end of my school year, I have become quite reflective over the past few years of my life which were coincidentally made up of PS3 and schoolwork. That being said, allow me to elaborate on my history with the PS3. I saved up for years to by one of the first $600 PS3s all on my own (as a middle schooler, this was a daunting task). I didn’t start online gaming until two years later with MW2. My first PS3 blew up two years later; I got a refurbished one from Sony after sending in the dead one and paying $200. This refurbished one bit the dust ten months later, and I repaired it. Then it too was nothing more than a technological door stop. I capitulated into buying a PS3 slim, of which I still have now.

Now onto the most memorable parts of the PS3 experience—the games! This is a comprehensive list of all the games of this generation that have been in my disk tray the most. Not only are these some of the best games out there, but they also are top games YOU should PLAY before moving onto the next generation. I’ve tried to cover all the bases on this one (bar racing games—none have impacted me greatly this time :( ).


As the flagship PS3 exclusive, no surprise here. Great story, graphics, cooperative modes, everything. I’d recommend #2 for it’s superior campaign and multiplayer, however it is more mature in terms of expletives.


Naughty Dog hopes to strike again with the spiritual successor to Uncharted with TLoU. This game is a definite pick-up here soon. It has some of the best emotion-filled, realistic dialogue and environments.


Another exclusive Sony title that also has a great story and atmosphere. This game is undoubtedly the best superhero adventure game currently. The morality choices really make it feel like the power is yours. #1 is slightly greater than #2, but be prepared for Second Son coming out soon on PS4


And yet another exclusive brought to you by Sony Santa Monica. The graphics in these games are AMAZING. And of course the raging epic of Kratos is unforgettable in terms of scale and EPICNESS. Ascension has an interesting take on multiplayer that compromises the story slightly but is equally unique and rewarding. #3 is definitely a greatest hit.


One of the few PSN titles that make this list. This game is short, about 3 hours, and I encourage a full playthrough because of its powerful, captivating, emotional, and simple. A minor cost for a really moving game.


Undoubtedly the greatest sci-fi RPG series of the decade. Tough choices, tons of customization options, and of course RPG elements made me love this game. The story is really gripping and combat with the biotic powers makes it more than just another squad/cover shooter. #3 has a cooperative mode that should serve as the model for any future games. I recommend getting the trilogy collection, as your character can transfer between games!


This episodic narrative is the MOST BEST AWESOME PSN game of my life. Not only is the story-telling superb, but the quick MORALITY choices are SPECTACULAR. Tough decisions all over the place. The only downside is that it costs nearly the same amount as a retail game.


Possibly the best open-world western game ever. The sheer scale and realism does much justice in the lawless lands around the Mexican border. John Marston is a likable but yet conflicted protagonist that sells the whole game. The story may drag on a bit at times; multiplayer isn’t half bad either. I’m currently finishing this game up.


This might be the “worst” game on this list but it is the spiritual successor to Pandemic’s Star Wars Battlefront series. This is a game I really wish was more popular because the class-based multiplayer battles are gorgeous, epic, and full of checks-and-balances. Unfortunately, the servers are dead. But if you barely like LoTR, you can enjoy this game a ton still.


Both of these games are considered to be Japanese-focused hack’n’slash, however they are GREAT historically and strategically. Also, DW6:Empires is even better if you like custom characters. These games are great time-holes and great for killing a ton of things after a rough day rather easily. SB:SH is based of an anime which is based of the epitome of feudal Japan. Both are great local coop games, and I highly encourage you to try both as they play differently.


Many great reboot games came out on the PS3, and there is enough here to satisfy any fighting game fanatic. Mortal Kombat has never looked as gory-ly beautiful, and the other two have unique art styles as well. These are some of the best competitive games out there and are played at EVO consistently. They are great fun especially with friends.


The golden age of the music genre was really early in the PS3’s cycle. Guitar Hero 3 is significant in part by its set list which contains the most challenging songs of all time by Dragonforce. Rock Band introduced the world to vocals, drums, and keyboard which allow for an even larger scale fun time. RB3 also has the largest online library of songs ever; you will find something you like. I honestly cannot count the amount of GH3/RB3 parties I’ve been to. One time I even hit 92% on Through the Fire and the Flames. I used to play Rock Band with my whole family. Unfortunately, music games have taken a downward turn.


The only competition to the Call of Duty machine. These games provide better graphics, gameplay, connection, and realism. Destructibility, vehicles, expansive DLC, and set classes really set it apart. The downsides might be longer battles and glitchiness. Basically this is the alternative to CoD. Bad Company 2, I hope, should get a sequel on PS4 as will BF3. Remember to bring some friends into your squad because tactics and communication are paramount. Story modes on these are nothing more than a B-movie though.

14. CALL OF DUTY: MW series/ Treyarch series

Undoubtedly, the game that brought MLG to the limelight on consoles was CoD:4. This game has been the singular reason why we have soooooo many modern shooters out today. MW2 further accentuated this by becoming the greatest release in entertainment history (until its successors). I spent over 16 days on MW2, and I have to say that it is better than the more recent titles in terms of graphics and connectivity. I could go on a CoD rant for hours, but I will limit my scope here to positives. Campaigns on these games are rather linear however the MWs are more typical action movies and Treyarchs are moving thrillers, both quite short. The MW series feels more complete to me in terms of online modes; Treyarch series always falls short whether it be graphics, glitches, connectivity, etc. The one thing I recommend over MWs is Treyarch’s zombies until BO2. If you could only buy 3 CoDs, I’d say MW1, MW2, and Black Ops 1. All games were central to MLG, have stellar stories, and boast better multiplayer modes. Someday I might devote an entire entry into my reasoning here.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that all these great games are actually NOT new, bar TLoU. To get the optimal last legs out of your PS3, I HIGHLY suggest you look into this list of games.

Honorable Mentions: SKYRIM, BORDERLANDS 2, ASSASSIN’S CREED, CRYSIS, LITTLE BIG PLANET, DJ HERO, 2k SPORTS, BATMAN ARKHAM series, and whatever else I can’t remember at this time.

To wrap things up, I believe the PS4 will surpass the XboxOne in terms of games. By looking at the console presentations, already XboxOne has marketed itself as a “TV replacer” and PS4 as an “imagination” center. With E3 only days away, I have a few predictions to make that would be practical and awesome as a GAMER.

Wii U should unveil the next SMASH BROS. This is the only way to really garner any support left for the system. Sony should unveil KINGDOM HEARTS 3, STREET FIGHTER V, BF4, and more on DESTINY and what was already shown in their conference. Microsoft needs to come out HUGE with their first-party studios to make up for the lackluster CoD: Ghosts reveal. I really want a pricepoint and much more details on specs and system functions just so I can preorder the system already.

Annnnnndddd that’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed this!

Author: Palkiabros

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