EA Announces That Origin Access Premier Will Launch on July 30th

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During EA‘s investor call on July 26th, CEO Andrew Wilson announced that Origin Access Premier would launch on July 30th for PC players.

For just $15 a month, Origin Access Premier will give user’s the ability to play new EA titles on release(as well as a few days prior in some cases) such as Anthem, Battlefield 5, Madden NFL 19, etc. You’ll also get access to over a 100 other titles already in the vault, like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Battlefield 3, Dragon Age, and more(check out the full selection of titles here).

If you aren’t a fan of spending $15 a month though, you can still buy into the $5 a month membership of Origin Access which still gives you access to over a 100 titles but doesn’t give you access to them on release. Both memberships also include a 10% discount on any games you buy.

Great for those times when you need Kane’s Wrath for a LAN party but don’t feel like buying it.

Source: VG247