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Battlefield V Gets Another Closed Alpha, Launches August 14 News 0

News 0 Surprise! Electronic Arts and Battlefield developer DICE have announced a second closed alpha testing session for Battlefield 5, which is due to be out in October later this year. Starting on August 14th and ending on an undisclosed date, the second Battlefield 5 alpha will contain no changes to maps, modes, weapons, or vehicles. So […]

Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Trailer Has More Action, Fewer Metal Claws News 0

News 0 During the EA Play 2018 presentation, DICE revealed a new Battlefield 5 multiplayer trailer, showing off the game’s main component. Unlike previous EA shooter multiplayer reveals, there was no lengthy livestream showcasing the multiplayer in uncut fashion. Instead, we’re left with a single 2-minute trailer that squeezes in as many new features as possible. You can watch […]

Battlefield 5 PC Requirements: Here’s The Hardware You Need News 3

News 3 The minimum Battlefield 5 PC requirements have been shared on the game’s Origin product page. These are what the developer considers to be the lowest specs that will still provide a playable experience. The game won’t look its best (at all), but it will still run relatively smoothly on budget-oriented systems. Take a look at the Battlefield 5 PC […]

There Will Be No Battlefield 5 Battlepacks or Loot Boxes News 0

News 0 EA has confirmed that there will be no Battlefield 5 Battlepacks or loot boxes in the game. Instead, players will be able to “choose their rewards directly or through rank up events.” The confirmation of no Battlefield 5 loot boxes was posted on Twitter. The official Battlefield account tweeted the following: No loot boxes. No Premium Pass. All players have access […]

EA Just Dropped The First Teaser Clip For ‘Battlefield 5’ & It Looks A Little WW2-Ish News 10

News 10 Check it out. EA just dropped the first teaser video for the upcoming world premier of their next Battlefield game, taking place tomorrow, May 6, at 1PM PST / 4PM EST / 9PM BST. It’s a short, 9-second clip, but there’s something about the soldier and what he’s wearing that kind of gives off a World […]

EA To Premier “The Future Of Battlefield” In Reveal Event Next Week News 31

News 31 Video game publisher Electronic Arts is gearing up to reveal “a first look at the future of Battlefield” in a special “world premier” event next week on May 6. The studio announced the surprise this morning, giving followers of the historical franchise a time and date that they can likely expect to learn more about […]

Respawn’s Next Titanfall Game ‘Looking Fantastic,’ Will Launch By End Of March 2017 News 13

News 13 Along with BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, a “new Titanfall experience” from Respawn is on the way and is expected to launch “later in the fiscal year,” ending March 31, 2017. This comes from EA’s most recent earnings call, which dropped news on some of the company’s more exciting games in 2016 and beyond. According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, the […]

EA Assigns a Holiday 2016 Launch For Next Battlefield Game News 36

News 36 Already looking beyond the launch of Visceral Games’ cops vs. criminals shooter Battlefield Hardline later next year, fans can expect to dive into their next Battlefield experience during the Holidays in 2016, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed in an earnings call earlier today. According to Wilson, EA’s forward looking plan aims to ensure players […]

Google Project Glass Meets Battlefield 5 – Fan Made Short Film News 7

News 7 Because FreddieW’s Battlefield 4 Co-Op video is now outdated, YouTube Channel, There Is aCanal, decided to one up Freddie with an augmented reality induced Battlefield 5 video on Google Glasses. In case you’re not familiar with Google Glasses, or Project Glass. Here’s the concept video: It’s worth mentioning that There Is aCanal also produced a real life version of one the […]