5000 New Players Added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta

Today, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has added an additional 5000 players to the PC beta.

According to the official Counter-Strike Blog, developers “chose a group of players who represented the full range of survey responses. This way, everyone who filled out the survey had a chance to get access to the beta.” Recipients will also receive an additional key to be handed out to a friend. Instructions on how to redeem Steam gifts, including a gift FAQ, can be found here.

If you were not selected to be a participant in this round of invites, opportunities are still plenty. Simply make sure to fill out this survey (will launch Steam). The beta team has stated, “we will use the survey data to drive future selections as we continue to build the beta size in the coming months.”

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Let us know in the comments below. Did you receive your Beta key?

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