A New Tom Clancy Game Seems to Be Being Teased by Ubisoft

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Are you ready for a new Tom Clancy game from Ubisoft in 2019? It seems the publisher has been dropping hints about a possible new game set in the Tom Clancy universe, though we’re unsure whether it’ll be an entry into the Ghost Recon franchise, Rainbow Six, or maybe a new Splinter Cell game.

Just how did people find out about this (possible) new announcement? Ubisoft has been dropping hints in Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Fallen Ghosts DLC! Using clues found in the title, players have unearthed the login and password credentials for a website for Skell Technology. For reference, the Skell Technology company shows up in various missions in the Fall Ghosts DLC.

Using the login ID “asantos” and the password “10068,”will grant you access to an unlisted YouTube video that features Skell Tech products, which includes drones for farming and emergency medical treatment.

If you don’t feel like checking the website out, the video is embedded below.

So how does this Easter egg point to a new Tom Clancy game? YouTuber coreross points out how the video has nods to games set in the Tom Clancy universe, which houses the Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, The Division, and Splinter Cell franchises. Check out the video below.

With The Division set to launch in March 2019, that leaves us with either a new entry in the Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, or Splinter Cell franchises as the main culprits. While we can’t say for sure whether this really a secret teaser for a new game, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was for Splinter Cell given former Ubisoft developer Jade Raymond has confirmed that they were working on concepts for a new Splinter Cell game before she left years ago.

What do you think this is for? Would you want a new Tom Clancy game altogether or a new entry in one of Ubisoft’s established franchises?

Source: PCGamesN

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  1. it might not be a tom clancys game

    it could be Watchdogs.
    and the Drones would fit that game pretty good bit like the CTOS but with an upgrade.

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