Activision: People Are Our Greatest Asset, Couldn’t Be More Committed to Improve Work Environment for All Employees


With Activision in the gaming hot seat due to the workplace toxicity and “frat boy” culture that has surfaced recently, Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick even opened the publisher’s latest quarterly earnings call by addressing it.

Aside from Kotick, Activision CFO Armin Zerza also commented on the situation during the financals report, and mentioned how “people are our greatest asset,” and how the company “couldn’t even be more committed” to improving the work environment.

We understand that our people are our greatest asset. These are the people responsible for our continued strong performance. We couldn’t be more committed to ensuring and improve this work environment for all our employees, as well as for long-term sustainable growth. We will be working with our team to improve our company together to become the most inspiring and inclusive entertainment company possible.

Hopefully, this isn’t just some empty and canned PR response to everything that’s going on, and the people in charge are actually doing something about it.

Source: SeekingAlpha (login required)

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