All Battlefield V Conquest Maps to Have 5-7 Flags, Here’s What 50 Rounds of CQ Player Movement Looks Like

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If you’re a fan of DICE’s Battlefield franchise, chances are, you’re a fan of the Conquest game mode. Now, if you felt that Battlefield 1’s Conquest maps were a bit too limiting in scope given most of ’em only had three flags to cap, rejoice! Battlefield V won’t be in the same boat.

Over on Twitter, DICE Lead Multiplayer Designer Valerian Noghin confirmed that ALL Conquest maps in Battlefield V will have 5-7 flags to cap!

In addition to that, Noghin also showed a rather a (developer) bird’s eye view of the amount of data the DICE team has to combed through based on the beta! In the short clip below, you’ll see what 50 rounds of Conquest on the Rotterdam map looks like in terms of player movement.

Definitely good news regarding Conquest, right? Of course, there’s bound to be a “meat grinder” map like Operation Locker or Operation Metro in the launch map list, but we’ll reserve judgement on how it fares in Conquest once we’ve had time on it.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE has confirmed that the respawn timer will be tweaked in the final game based on beta feedback. Not only that, but even the gun upgrade system might be changed at some point too.

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