Check Out a Glimpse of All Eight Battlefield V Maps Available at Launch

battlefield 5 post release plans

While most people will get their first hands-on time with Battlefield V in the soon-to-be open beta, some people are already looking forward to the game’s November 20 release day, and what content the final game will have come launch.

Over on Reddit, user iNejco posted the eight Battlefield V maps that will be available at launch. We can see the Rotterdam map, and the Artic Fjord that’s both playable in the beta, and then another map with a snowy backdrop, and two with lush greenery!

battlefield 5 maps

We’ll be covering the Battlefield V beta extensively all throughout its availability and beyond. Stay tuned for our tips feature to help you in the upcoming beta, and of course, our detailed impressions piece on it soon!

Don’t forget to read some of the important Battlefield V news that just come to light. DICE has revealed more info regarding Battlefield V’s battle royale mode called Firestorm. For PS4 players, the BFV beta can be played without PlayStation Plus, but Xbox gamers will require an actie XBL Gold membership in order to participate.

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