Battlefield V Beta: PS+ Not Required for PS4, XBL Gold Needed for Xbox One, Beta Client to Be at 17GB

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Earlier this week, we ran a story confirming when the Battlefield V beta will end, and as part of that, a screenshot taken from the PlayStation Store mentioned that would-be beta participants are required to be active PS Plus members in order to play.

Well, as it turns out, that’s not the case! As part of EA’s big Battlefield V beta info blowout earlier today, the publisher outed that PS Plus is NOT required for PS4 gamers in order to participate, but unfortunately, Xbox Live Gold is required for Xbox One gamers.

System Requirements
Xbox One players will need an internet connection and an Xbox Live Gold account to play the Battlefield V Open Beta. For PlayStation 4, all owners connected to the internet can get in on the action. If you’ll be playing on PC, you’ll want to know if your hardware is up to snuff. Minimum and recommended specs are below. Note that these are unique to the Open Beta, not necessarily to the final game of Battlefield V.

Quite a bummer for Xbox One gamers, no? Just make sure you have an active Xbox Live Gold membership come next week.

In related Battlefield V beta news, DICE Producer Jaqub Ajmal revealed on Twitter that the BFV beta client will be around 17GB in size, though it’s suggested that players clear up 20GB in total space.

In case you can’t see the screenshot, it reads as:

The BFV Open Beta build looks like that it will be coming in around 17GB. I recommend you guys start clearing up space so that you have at least 20GB available.

In other Battlefield V news, make sure to check out this tips video to help you in your game for the beta. Also, don’t forget that Battlefield V has a new release date of November 20 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers.

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