Battlefield V Tips to Help You in the Beta, Why Rotterdam Map Works

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In case you’re still reeling from Battlefield V getting delayed, we’re here to help you cope with more Battlefield V gameplay videos straight from gamescom!

This time around, YouTuber TheTacticalBrit has released two new videos for Battlefield V! The first one gives us tips on how to do well on Rotterdam, and the other talks about why the map works so well.

In this video, TacticalBrit talks about fortifications, using the supplies provided in the map, underarm throws and more.

In this one, we get to see and hear why Rotterdam is shaping up to be one of the best Battlefield maps, and is even compared to the other urban maps like Siege of Shanghai, Seine Crossing and more.

There’s a lot of Battlefield V news circulating around this week, with one of the biggest stories being that EA will allegedly make the game’s battle royale mode free, and even throw in a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 remaster if sales aren’t as good as they projected. Don’t forget to check out the start and end date of the Battlefield V beta as well.

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