Here Are the Official Planned Battlefield V Gameplay Features That Have Yet to Be Implemented

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Just a few days ago, DICE pushed out a huge multi-page development update on Battlefield V on the gameplay changes the studio is making to the game for the upcoming beta. While most of the things mentioned in the notes pertain to the gameplay tweaks the studio has made from the alpha to the upcoming beta, the studio also talked about some of the features the shooter will eventually get.

Note that these are gameplay features that are confirmed  to be making their way into the game at some point; we just don’t know exactly when. Thanks to Reddit user N1cknamed, the info is compiled and can be seen below.

Features that are still planned for BFV but not yet implemented! (copied from official beta patch notes) from BattlefieldV

Future Changes

The Open Beta includes a massive amount of changes and improvements, but there are still areas we haven’t gotten to yet – the following is a list of Key Future Changes.
This section aims to communicate to you what is on the short list – and making sure we can foster discussions on the same premise (and game knowledge) as much as possible.

Key Future Changes:

Based on a lot of feedback that we got during Battlefield 1 we have decided to do some changes that will further reward skill.

  • Console Aim assist re-vamp: Remove Snap-To functionality completely and polish remaining Aim Assist systems and curves to quality.
  • Limb penetration damage model – we are currently working on bringing a solution that will allow limbs bullet penetration and will solve situations where a soldier’s arm is in the trajectory of a bullet that was intended to hit a head. In those cases, damage will no longer count as a limb shot but as headshot instead.
  • Body dragging – This is a feature that we are still working on, we want to get it right before introducing it to our players, and as such it won’t be available in the Open Beta.
  • New airplane resupply station – the Sky hook. Airplanes will have to fly very near or through a “sky hook” gate on the ground. Two masts with a hanging cable connecting them. They are usually found around the edges of the map and will show up in the HUD with the ‘supply’ icon when in an airplane.
  • The scoring events for Reinforcements have been refined and extended, in order to more fairly reward team play:
    • Offensive Reinforcement Call-ins now reward all members of the squad with assist score, if the call-in successfully kills enemies
    • Squad Members are now rewarded when any Squad Member deploys in a Reinforcement vehicle that has been bought by their Squad Leader
    • All Squad Members are now rewarded when their Squad Leader successfully purchase a Reinforcement Vehicle or Reinforcement Call-in. This also fixes an issue where players were rewarded for simply selecting a call-in in the menu
  • Debris kill recognition: Killing enemies with falling debris will properly reward the player causing it to fall

Don’t expect all of these to be in the Battlefield V beta, as some of the things in the list have been confirmed to come post-launch such as snap aim assist on consoles, and dragging the bodies of downed teammates.

Let’s hope most of the upcoming gameplay features listed above will be available to players once the game ships this November 20 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Speaking about the Battlefield V beta, don’t forget to read up on everything you need to know about it here. It’s also been confirmed how big the client will be on consoles, and it won’t require an active PS Plus membership for PS4 gamers to participate, though the same can’t be said for Xbox One players (XBL Gold needed).