Here’s How the Battlefield V Early Access Beta Code Works and How to Redeem

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The Battlefield V beta is now open — at least to people with Early Access, anyway. If you pre-ordered the game, or managed to get an Early Access code, you might be wondering just how you can make it work.

First off, the code that’s been circulating around isn’t for the PSN Store or Xbox Live Marketplace, but for EA’s games distribution service, Origin. Even if you’re playing on consoles, you will still need to login to Origin.

If you got a 16-digit code that doesn’t work on PSN or Xbox Live, then here’s what you need to do (straight from EA themselves)! And yes, I can confirm firsthand that this has worked on the Battlefield V Early Access beta for PS4!

Full step-by-step downloading and account linking instructions:

  1. Download the Origin client to PC ( and follow the install instructions

  2. If an existing Origin / EA account holder then login with account details OR create a new account

  3. IMPORTANT – If wishing to play the Open Beta on console then the user will need to ensure that their PSN or Xbox Live account is linked to their EA/Origin account

    1. Step by step instructions on how to do this

  4. Once the accounts are linked then the user can then go into the Origin client and redeem the code by selecting the ORIGIN option from the navigation bar and then REDEEM PRODUCT CODE

    1. There will then be a prompt for the user to enter their code.

  5. Once the code is redeemed the early access entitlement will be written to their Origin account, this will be valid across all supported platforms.

    1. The final step is for the user to then download the Beta client from either Origin, PSN or Xbox Live Marketplace and play!

Note that for PS4 and Xbox One players, you will need to link your PSN/XBL account with your EA account in order to gain Early Access! Once you’ve linked them, download the beta client, and you’ll then be able to join. As far as I can tell, my press access didn’t necessitate an “Early Access download.” So don’t fret if you don’t a download prompt for it.

Got that? Good? Spread this link around and let people know how it works since people are getting confused, and it’s understandable why.

In other Battlefield V news, make sure to check out this info post on everything you need to know about the beta. We also posted the gameplay changes DICE is adding to the game come launch, or near post-launch.

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