Anthem Armor Sets Won’t Be Available at Launch, Legendary Weapons Numbered at 100 but BioWare Adding More

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Are you one of those players who dig equipping the same type of armor for their characters so that you have some in-game symmetry, and maybe get some of the extra stats for completing an armor set? If so, you won’t be able to do this in Anthem at launch.

Lead Producer Ben Irving has confirmed that Anthem armor sets won’t be available at launch, when a fan asked him whether there will be stat bonuses for equipping the same type of armor/gear of set.

While that might be a bummer for those looking forward to collecting armor sets, Irving has confirmed that there will be a lot of legendary and masterwork weapons available at launch, and the studio is adding more post-release! How many? Try 100 kinds!

Assuming BioWare doesn’t go back on their word, players should be collecting armor pieces in the game sometime post-launch. While that might not be ideal for some, at least we’re getting a lot of legendary weapons in the game, no?

In other Anthem news, BioWare has refrained to comment on how Anthem’s game length compares to the studio’s past titles like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Check out what they had to say about that here.

Anthem flies out February 22, 2019, but there will be two demos available for the public happening very soon.