Anthem Game Length a “Hard Thing to Compare to”, and “Tough to Answer” According to BioWare

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While shared world games like the upcoming Anthem relies more on gamers teaming up to tackle missions and obtain loot, the main story campaign is also a main draw for those who want to know more about the lore, story, and something that ties everything together.

If you’re wondering about the Anthem game length (as most people surely have), BioWare doesn’t want to comment on it just yet. Over on Twitter Lead Producer Mike Gamble, and Lead Producer Ben Irving have both touched upon the Anthem game length question when asked by fans, but both have not given a hard number just yet.

According to Gamble, it will be “tough to answer” given the breadth of missions and stuff players can do in the game.

This is a good question, but tough to answer. Everyone is different. There’s a lot of side missions, but some folks will just want to rush the main story and then hit strongholds. It’s a lot, though. Personally, I’ve only played through everything a few times.

Irving was asked if the rumors floating around that Anthem will be as long as past BioWare games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect are true; Irving admits that it’s “a really hard thing to compare,” and that the dev team isn’t really commenting on the “crit (critical) path” for Anthem.

It’s a really hard thing to compare so we aren’t really commenting on the crit path length for Anthem. Depends how you play, etc

Chances are, BioWare will talk more about the Anthem game length as we get nearer to the game’s February 22, 2019 release date.

In other Anthem news, BioWare has announced the VIP and open demo schedules (start & end dates), which you can read about here. The activities players can do in the demo, as well as the demo max rank have also been revealed, too.