Anthem Demo Info: Activities an Demo Max Rank Revealed, No Demo Progress Carryover

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With January just a few days away, there’s one thing gamers should look forward to next month, and it’s the Anthem demo! While we already know that the demo will have players start at level 10, BioWare has shared a few more details regarding Anthem demo info on missions, demo progress and more.

Over on Twitter, Lead Producer Mike Gamble revealed that in the Anthem demo, players will be able to try some of the game’s missions, a Stronghold, some Tarsis navigation, and some freeplay. Gamble also revealed that no demo progress will carryover to the final version of the game, which is understandable.

In a separate tweet, Gamble revealed that the Anthem demo max rank is set at level 15, which means players will have five levels to play around in the demo. As for the final game, the max rank is currently set at level 30, though BioWare has shared that they’re most likely going to increase it over time.

In other Anthem news, go check out the sample objectives list players can do in a Stronghold mission to see how varied it is.