Anthem Mission Variety Sample Listed in Latest Stronghold Gameplay

Anthem vip demo trailer

Possibly one of the main concerns of gamers when it comes to shared world action games (like Destiny and The Division) is how some missions and objectives feel a tad too similar to each other. In the first Destiny game, most missions boiled down to guard something while your Ghost companion hacked or scanned an area, which didn’t sit well with some people.

It seems that might not be an issue with BioWare’s Anthem, as the Anthem mission variety seems to be in order even this early on. In the last BioWare livestream of the year, the studio showed off a Stronghold mission (think: Destiny’s Strikes), which involved the player doing different things. Over on the Anthem subreddit, user Anthem_Universe listed down the goals the group of players tackling the Stronghold had to do.

General theme in between goals was: Explore the Scar Nest and Locate Scelos

  • Goal 1: Infiltrate the Scar Nest and Locate Scelos (general).
  • Goal 2a: Secure the Nest’s Entrance
    • Destroy 3 Turrets
    • Defeat the Scar
  • Goal 2b: Secure the Nest’s Entrance
    • Destroy 6 Alarms
    • Defeat the Scar
  • Goal 3: Defeat Gatekeeper
    • Mike used Ultimate here
    • Gatekeeper appears to be a buffed Elite Scar Enforcer
  • Goal 4: Restore Power to the Generator
    • Gather 3 Fuel Cells and place them
    • Get the thing…and…put it…in the thing
    • You cannot fly whilst carrying objects
    • Observation: Fall Damage is currently disabled
  • Goal 5 : Destroy the Gate
    • Pick up and plant 5 Explosives
    • Defeat the Scar
  • Goal 6 : Survive the Ambush
    • Defeat the Scars
  • Goal 7: Follow the Sewer Path
    • There’s. Acid. Everywhere. Just ask Mike.
  • Goal 8 : Destroy the Turrets
    • Destroy 4 Turrets
  • Goal 9 : Explore the Scar Nest
    • Nope! Not today kids! 😉

As you can see, there are still “destroy X amount of stuff in order to progress” objectives, but it’s broken up by gathering, fighting waves, and more.

Go check out the gameplay video below to see the Anthem mission variety for yourself.

In other Anthem news, we now know that the in-game currency is called “Coins” thanks to the latest livestream. BioWare has also confirmed that the max rank currently set is at level 30, though the studio thinks this will be hiked up at some point.

What do you think of Anthem’s objectives within a mission so far? Do you think BioWare has enough ingenuity so each Stronghold mission doesn’t feel stale?

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