Anthem Max Level Is Currently Set at 30, BioWare “Probably” Will Increase It at Some Point

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If you’ve been keeping tabs on BioWare’s action-RPG game Anthem, chances are you’ve seen how the game has RPG elements woven into it like upgrading abilities, equipping the best gear, and more. Another familiar thing Anthem is including in the game are rank progression.

For those wondering what the Anthem max level is for Pilots, it’s currently set at level 30, though the chances of it being increased in the future is almost a certainty. Over on Twitter, Lead Producer Ben Irving revealed these bits of info in answering a fan.

Yes it’s 30. Probably yes in the future at some point.

While this might seem low for some, remember that Anthem is an ever-evolving online experiences, and there’s no reason why BioWare can’t increase the level cap as more content is released.

Speaking of levels, BioWare has also revealed that for the upcoming demo set for next year, players will start the demo at level 10 right away. This also means that the character creator won’t be part of the demo experience given that part is shown at the beginning portion of the game.

For the latest Anthem gameplay, check out 40 minutes of footage from BioWare where we see the Interceptor class take on a new Stronghold mission.

Is level 30 too low for you when it comes to the Anthem max level, or you’re not concerned at all since this is something the studio can tweak post-launch?