Anthem Community Members Are Handing Out Free Game Codes, Bioware Chips In

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Here’s something to make your day amid all the bad stuff happening in the world! Players from the Anthem community are advising other people to stay home and play together, and to further incentivize people, these gamers are giving away free Anthem codes no strings attached!

Reinforcing this point of Staying Home and Playing Together, I have some digital codes to give away for Anthem if any of you need a game to play right now.

u/CM_Ythisens plan to drop a few here and there in this post so see replies. No strings attached.

T encourage discussion, we would love to hear what any of you are doing to socialize with friends through games (Anthem or otherwise) while not being able to socialize in person?

Stay safe out there, Freelancers.

BioWare, the studio behind Anthem, noticed this, and the studio dropped digital codes for PS4, Xbox One, and PC too!

And in case anyone’s curious, yes, the codes have all been redemeed. While there’s no new in-game event for Anthem, the latest patch kicked off the recurring schedule, which means players shouldn’t expect any new content soon. If you haven’t been keeping tabs in Anthem news, BioWare is doing this to re-work Anthem, which I’m hoping we’ll see the final version of it soon.

Having said that, the Regulator Store now includes Legendary items, so there’s at least that.

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