Anthem: BioWare Not Targeting “Whales,” Not Relying on Them for Game to Succeed

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With BioWare confirming that Anthem won’t have loot boxes of any kind, that doesn’t mean that Anthem microtransactions won’t be a thing. While BioWare hasn’t mentioned anything about that just yet, the logical step would be for purchasable javelin cosmetic personalization.

Regardless of what route BioWare takes in terms of Anthem microtransactions, would-be players will be glad to know that the studio isn’t targeting “whales” — a term used for people who spend a ton of money on in-game content.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Lead Producer Mike Gamble was asked if BioWare needed these so-called whales for the game to succeed, and Gamble gave a curt, “I don’t think so.” Gamble states that the studio is aiming to attract as many people as possible, so that these people will be the ones who will support the game.

“[BioWare] is hoping to attract as many people as possible, make the pool as wide as possible, to support the game as long as possible. So even if we don’t have lots of people spending lots of money, we’re hoping the economy is such that we have a number of people [who can support the game.]”

Not a bad plan, right? Definitely better than having randomized loot boxes. If there’s an in-game item shop that sells javelin cosmetics for real world cash, then that might be the perfect compromise for both the publisher, and the player. Factor in that BioWare has also confirmed that all story-driven DLC will be free, well, that should make a lot of fans happy.

What sort of microtransaction model would you be OK with in Anthem? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t forget that an Anthem livestream is happening tomorrow which will feature loot, progression and more.