Anthem New Armor Sets, Vinyls, and Materials Uncovered via Dataming

anthem new armor sets

A user on the game’s subreddit has posted a list of new armor sets, vinyls, and materials which were uncovered in an Anthem datamine. The post includes images of the upcoming content, all of which has been sourced from the latest update to the public test server (PTS), which was shutdown earlier this week.

Everything in this datamine should be coming to the core game of Anthem when the Cataclysm update drops in the future. The PTS hosted the very latest version of Anthem with the Cataclysm live event, and therefore should be an accurate reflection of what’s coming to Anthem in the future. We’ve split the datamine into three categories below, check out all of the new items coming to the game in the rest of this post.

Armor Sets

Shatter Colossus Armor


Fragmenter Ranger Armor

fragmenter Ranger

Piercer Interceptor Armor

Piercer Interceptor

Shard Torrent Storm Armor

Shard Torrent Storm

Aether Interceptor Armor

Aether Interceptor

Darkgrace Colossus Armor

Dargrace Colossus

Fullbore Colossus Armor

Fullbore Colossus

Recon Interceptor Armor

Recon Interceptor

Barrage Ranger Armor

Barrage Ranger Armor

Swiftshot Storm Armor

Swiftshot Storm

You might notice that a lot of these armor sets are themed around crystals. I suspect that has something to do with the fact that crystals are a big focus in the Cataclysm, and they’re even present in the core game of Anthem right now.


Mad Titan

mad titan

Emerald Husk

emerald husk

Gleaming Mantle

gleaming mantle

Greed’s Glisten

Greeds Glisten

Harmonic Crest

harmonic crest

Night Lattice

night lattice

Purple Spire

Purple Spire

Radiant Burst

Radiant Burst

Shattered Coral

Shattered Coral

Shattered Sea

Shattered Sea

Crystal Gleam

Crystal Gleam

Crystal Sky

Crystal Sky

Fractured Twilight

Fractured Twilight

Lucid Night

Lucid Night

Neon Shard

Neon Shard

Royal Fragment

Royal Fragment

Splintered Citrine

Splintered Citrine

Amethyst Breach

Amethyst Breach

These Vinyls share a similar crystal-theme in terms of naming and looks. BioWare is definitely doubling down on the Cataclysm with these items, which should make them more appealing to collectors.


Floral Daisies – Fabric

Floral Daisies Fabric

Golfball – Leather

Golfball Leather

Ivory Elephant – Leather

Ivory Elephant Leather

Shell Deepsea – Leather

Shell Deepsea Leather

Shell Tropical – Leather

Shell Tropical Leather

Skin Dragon – Leather

Skin Dragon Leather

Skin Shark – Leather

Skin Shark Leather

Suede Soft – Leather

Suede Soft Leather

Wood Ebony – Leather

Wood Ebony Leather

Metal Dragon – Metal

Metal Dragon Metal

Pink – Metal

Pink Metal

Radioactive – Metal

Radioactive Metal

Acrylic Matte – Painted

Acryllic Matte Paint

Acrylic Shiny – Painted

Acrylic Shiny Painted

Gemstone Amethyst – Painted

Gemstone Amethys Painted

Gemstone Diamond – Painted

Gemstone Diamond Painted

Gemstone Quartz – Painted

Gemstone Quartz Painted

Glitter Noise – Painted

Glitter Noise Painted

Polish Shattered – Painted

Polish Shatter Painted

Granite – Stone

Granite Stone

With these Materials we see the last of the new content that’s probably being added to Anthem with the Cataclysm update. The only one that needs mentioning is wood, which is something that BioWare has always been teased about. Expect to see a number of wooden Javelins running around once the next update hits the game.

Source: Reddit

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