Anthem Sniper Gameplay and Mass Effect N7 Armor Shown Off

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While snipers might be the bane of existence for many objective-based players in shooters, the role and weapon are accepted differently when it comes to shared world shooters like Anthem.

In the video below, we see brief snippets of Anthem sniper gameplay. Used by the Colossus class, the snipers in Anthem are different since you’re free to move around, and there seems to be different variations of it. While the aiming is still done in first-person, once fired, you’ll transition to a third-person viewpoint once more, and you seem to be more agile than your standard sniper in other games (Battlefield for example).

Another thing we see is how the Anthem N7 armor looks on the characters. N7 armor is, of course, what Commander Shepard wore in the Mass Effect universe.

In other Anthem news, loot boxes won’t be a thing according to BioWare. You can watch eight minutes of freeplay gameplay right here too.