Anthem Store Update September 13, 2019

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The Anthem store update for September 13, 2019 is now live. The Featured store has been restocked with new cosmetic items, and today it replaces Warps with Armor Packs for you to create brand new Javelin designs with. Check out the store below and read on for more details.


Armor Packs

The Apprentice: 61,000 Coin or 850 Shards – This armor pack looks a lot like the Sentinels you’ll see stationed around Fort Tarsis. Get it if you want to look like you’re one of the crew.

The Blockade: 61,000 Coin or 850 Shards – This appears to be the Colossus form of The Apprentice armor pack. If you want to see what a Sentinel in a Colossus would look like, grab this!


Rust Bubbles (Painted): 12,000 Coin or 300 Shards – These rust bubbles will make your Javelin look far from pristine. I don’t know about you, but I love creating Javelins that look rough and beaten up, and this will definitely help with that.


Crystal Fortress: 6,000 Coin or 200 Shards – This Decal looks pretty sinister. Considering what those giant crystals look like when they suddenly rise up out of the ground, I think I’ll steer clear of this one.


Command Circuit: 36,000 Coin or 600 Shards – This graphic is probably the most iconic one in Anthem, get it.


Fierce Model: 23,000 Coin or 475 Shards – If you want to look like you’ve literally just dropped off a catwalk in your gorgeous Javelin, get this Emote.

Our Take

There are a lot of good items on sale today, namely the Graphic that’s basically the most iconic design ever made for Anthem. That’s what we’ll definitely be getting, but you let us know what you’re picking up in the comments.

Check out the patch notes for Anthem’s latest update, 1.41, here.