Apex Legends Pathfinder Hitbox Update Comparison Video Shows Us What Changed

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Possibly one of the biggest tweaks included in yesterday’s Apex Legends patch 1.05 is the adjustment made to the hitboxes of Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder. In case you didn’t know, these three are the Legends that are easiest to hit, which is a bit of a problem for those who want to last long in gunfights.

If you’re curious how Pathfinder’s hitbox has changed (given he had the biggest one out of the lot), you can check out the video to see! Check out the super short Apex Legends Pathfinder hitbox comparison video below (via MisterSleeyk):

Not a bad update, right? With the hitbox changes, it makes using these three Legends a lot more viable.

In other Apex Legends news, you might be interested to know that the origins of new Legend Octane is from a real person, and he’s the world record holder for the Gauntlet run in Titanfall 2!

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