April Fools Day 2014 Wrap-Up: FPS Edition

We take a look at some of this year’s best April Fools pranks related to some of our favorite FPS games.

Oh. And as a bit of a site-wide update, it looks like that whole SP1st.com thing won’t really work out as expected. Reader feedback wasn’t as positive as we had initially anticipated. I guess we have just to give the readers what they want and stick to delivering top-notch multiplayer gaming news. Fine. Have it your way.

Now, on to some of this year’s best April Fools pranks.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Playlist Update

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 7.55.29 PM

A special April Fools-themed playlist update for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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Destiny “Get Your Ass to Mars” Collector’s Edition


Bungie announces the Destiny “Get Your Ass to Mars” Collector’s Edition.

“BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 1, 2014 – On September 9th, Destiny players will truly Become Legend with the launch of the “Get Your Ass to Mars” Collector’s Edition. This exclusive offering will send them on an epic journey, spanning more than 30 million miles and culminating in the complete sensory experience that only the physical universe can provide.

“‘At Bungie, we’re always looking for exciting ways to immerse players in our fiction and our worlds,’ said Bungie Chief Operating Officer, Pete Parsons. ‘What better way to maximize the potential of our passionate community than to physically alter and augment their frail human forms and fire the bravest and wealthiest among them into the cold and unforgiving vacuum of space?'”

It also only costs $7,000,000.00, so get it fast while supplies last.

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Titanfall Optimus Prime DLC

Respawn Entertainment and EA announce the Titanfall Optimus Prime DLC coming to Xbox One first.

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“A Helghastly Adventure” – Killzone: Shadow Fall Film


A Tim Burtun film starring Johnny Dep and Helena Bonam based on the popular PlayStation 4-exclusive shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall.

“The story follows the adventures of Ghoran (Dep) – an Insurgent who has to prevent Kellan from stopping the war, and Halla (Bonam-Carter) his rogue Vektan accomplice.

“Steven Ter Heide, Guerrilla’s game director, shares his view on the project: ‘It has been difficult keeping this under wraps. It has been so exciting, from casting the amazing puppeteering talent to seeing the first animated frames. Bringing the Helghast to the big screen is a momentous occasion for us.'”

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Insurgency – EA Acquires NWI in $500 Million Deal

EA acquired Insurgency development house New World Interactive in a $500 million deal. We’ve reached out to NWI for official comment, but have yet to hear back…

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Arma 3 Karts

[youtube id=”cSAJdRpqltM”]

Bohemia Interactive announces Arma 3 Karts, the first official premium DLC for Arma 3.

“Bring the battle to the race track in the adrenaline-fueled Karts DLC pack for Arma 3™. Featuring the most skill-based discipline in motorsport, Arma 3™ Karts lets you experience the intense thrill of open-wheel racing, while you burn rubber on some of the most iconic licensed circuits on Altis. Feel every bump in the asphalt, tune your driving skills to perfection, and slide into pole position. Be fast, be relentless, pedal to the metal. This is where rivalries are born; this is where the world’s greatest go head-to-head. This is Arma 3™ Karts.

“‘Since we’re already in the zombie business with DayZ, we felt the next logical expansion would be to take on karting’, said Jay Crowe, Creative Director on Arma 3. ‘Our sandbox could not be called complete without karts, and thus we set ourselves the goal to recreate this pure form of racing. Welcome to Arma 3’s World of Karts: drive / overtake / win.'”

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H-Hour: World’s Elite Dog Pony and “Strafin’ & Gunfightin'”


[youtube id=”hnBq6HpTiKw”]

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Last Year, we tricked a bunch of people into thinking Battlefield 4 developers DICE would limit production on multiplayer in order to focus efforts on a stronger single player experience.

“We asked what exactly that meant for the multiplayer. ‘Well, for one, we’ll simply be limiting the amount of content, like game modes and maps, for example,’ Curts responded.

“‘We’re going to stick to the more popular modes like Team Deathmatch and only include roughly four small- to medium-sized maps. Battlefield 3′s telementary data has shown TDM to be the most popular game mode on only a select few maps like Operation Metro, for example. So, we asked ourselves ‘why give Battlefield fans more of what they don’t want? Let’s give them more TDM on maps like Op Metro.’ This will also allow us to put more of our resources towards the single player campaign.’”

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Come across any other amazing pranks today? Do share below!

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