Ark Update Will Help You Sleep Better at Night, Includes Other Minor Fixes

ARK: Survival Evolved update 273.6 is now rolling out on PC. It focuses preventing sleeping bags from acting in ways they shouldn’t, Inventory Bags to drop at a character’s location if they can’t find ground underneath, and more. 

Here’s the list of ARK patch notes:

  • Fixed Character-destruction Inventory Bags to drop at the character’s location if can’t find ground underneath, so those loot items aren’t lost
  • Fixed Plant Species Y to passively lose HP over 30 mins (as originally intended), made them and all traps not placeable within small range of another trap (as originally intended), made Species Y trap apply piercing damage to victim
  • Changed Structure encroachment check logic to do a solid trace between encroachment points, prevents getting Sleeping Bags wedged in places they shouldn’t fit
  • Daedon no longer heals Titanosaur
  • Fixed a way to get unconscious players under-the-ground
  • Fixed invisible grapple wall on TheCenter

What do you think about this update? Let us know in the comments below.

Why not check out the previous ARK update, where the update focused on sleeping tweaks and more.

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Source: Shimar

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