Arma 3 Alpha Test Gameplay Overview and Tutorial – Weapon Customization, Movement and Shooting

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Arma 3 has recently entered its Alpha testing phase and is expected to move into public Beta testing this summer. Bohemia Interactive released this video to demonstrate what the Alpha is all about and what you can expect to get your hands on.

Giving us a better look at some of Arma 3’s brand new gameplay mechanic’s, YouTuber dslecxi has got some really nifty overviews and tutorials showing off some of the gear and weapons customization, as well as what moving and shooting is like. You’ll be able to spot a few noticeably differences from older Arma titles as well as a few refinements made to older mechanics that have been brought over. Not only that, but the gameplay just looks gorgeous, so definitely check these videos out.

Movement and Shooting Tutorial
Gear and Weapons Customization Overview

Are you an Arma 3 Alpha tester? How are you liking the gameplay so far?

Arma 3 is expected to release in Q3 of this year, 2013.

Thanks, KNG.