Arma 3 ‘Stratis’ Teaser and Animation Report

Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new teaser video of Arma 3. In this trailer you’ll get a glimpse of what’s been improved in Arma3 in terms of graphics and animations.

[youtube id=”DXIoEUq8YE8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Although you can’t get much of an idea of what’s been improved, the team has stated in a recent blog post that animations for facial, weapon reloading, and firing have all been improved. According to Vespa, who’s an animator working on Arma 3, the animations are ” better, faster, smoother and more authentic than ever before!”

He goes on to discuss new gameplay features such as jogging (not the same as running), diving, and even underwater combat. It seems that much has been improved on to offer a better experience for it’s players.

And on the subject on how weapons will be handled, Vespa stated:

“We also aim to improve weapon behaviour, which means tweaking recoil mechanics, precision and weapon sway to more properly reflect the different states of the shooter, factoring in fatigue and injury, for example. Our goal is to not only improve the feel of firing guns, but also make firefights flow as close to reality as possible. The latter will actually be a tough one to crack, and again we hope that the players of the Community Alpha can feed into this process.”

Arma 3 is set to release some time in  Q4 of 2012.

Thanks Chris for the tip!

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