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Doom Gets First Teaser Trailer, Will Be Showcased At This Year’s QuakeCon News 23

News 23 Fresh off the press is a hellish teaser for the return of the iconic first-person shooter series, Doom. Not much is shown, as is the case with most teasers, but we get a pretty good glimpse of the sort of trademark demonic enemies we can expect to face in the next generation of Doom. As stated, it […]

EA and Visceral Games Release Official Battlefield Hardline Teaser News 43

News 43 Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have released an official teaser for Battlefield Hardline, building the hype for the shooter’s presence at E3 this year. You can catch EA’s press conference at 12 PM PST on the official Battlefield YouTube channel. Definitely don’t miss out on their multiplayer live stream event. Battlefield Hardline is set to release (for now) […]

Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online Test Phase Teaser News 4

News 4 Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online, a free-to-play real time strategy browser game, is set to hold a test phase between February 27 through March 1. In preparation, Ubisoft has released a trailer to help familiarize those who didn’t play the original EndWar released back in 2008. Check it out above. From the looks of the teaser, it […]

Battlefield 4 Website Teases “All Out War” – First Images of the [Mil Mi-28N Havoc] and Type 99 Tank [Updated] News 81

News 81 Yesterday DICE and EA revealed a set of mysterious characters that will presumably play a role in Battlefield 4‘s setting or story. Today, DICE rolls out the machines of war and we get a better look at “all out warfare.” Two new images reveal some of the deadly vehicles that you’ll have the pleasure of piloting […]

Battlefield 4 Teaser – “Prepare 4 Battle” in the Air [Updated] News 37

News 37 DICE and EA tease aerial battle in the upcoming next-gen FPS epic, Battlefield 4, set to be officially revealed in only a couple of days. Earlier, we caught a glimpse of battle at sea, and battle on land as Digital Illusions CE prepares for Battlefield 4’s full unveiling on March 26th at 11 pm PDT. Todays […]

Battlefield 4 Teaser – “Prepare 4 Battle” on Land [Update] News 40

News 40 Earlier today, DICE and EA revealed Battlefield 4 naval warfare through this short video teaser, hyping up Battlefield 4’s official public reveal on March 27 and hinting at the idea that players will be able to battle it out at sea in this next-gen FPS. It now appears GameStop got their hands on a similar teaser, […]

Battlefield 4 Teaser – “Prepare 4 Battle” at Sea [Updated] News 47

News 47 DICE and EA tease Battlefield 4’s upcoming reveal on March 27th with a quick video asking you to “prepare 4 battle” at sea. The short, under water sequence focuses on the propeller of what is presumably some sort of naval ship, possibly confirming that they will play a role in Battlefield 4’s multiplayer. Check it […]

Crysis 3 Teaser Trailer Released, Gameplay Trailer Coming April 24th News 8

News 8 Crytek has finally released a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated 3rd instalment in the Crysis series. On top of getting FPS fans pumped for the game itself, it also reveals that the full, official Crysis 3 gameplay trailer will follow on April 24th, not on the 23rd as previously announced. Check out this short but sweet trailer […]

Arma 3 ‘Stratis’ Teaser and Animation Report News 17

News 17 Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new teaser video of Arma 3. In this trailer you’ll get a glimpse of what’s been improved in Arma3 in terms of graphics and animations. Although you can’t get much of an idea of what’s been improved, the team has stated in a recent blog post that animations for […]

Rumor – GTA V Details and Images Coming Next Week News 8

News 8 Earlier today, it was revealed that multiplayer crews created in Max Payne 3 will carry over to Grand Theft Auto V. This pales in comparision to what dutch magazine, Chief, has in store for GTA fans next week. The magazine posted the cover for its’ April issue claiming the following: (It was translated by NeoGAF and double […]