Battlefield 4 Teaser – “Prepare 4 Battle” at Sea [Updated]

DICE and EA tease Battlefield 4’s upcoming reveal on March 27th with a quick video asking you to “prepare 4 battle” at sea.

The short, under water sequence focuses on the propeller of what is presumably some sort of naval ship, possibly confirming that they will play a role in Battlefield 4’s multiplayer.

Check it out for yourself below:

[youtube id=”3z4jxkkrrKM” width=”618″ height=”378″]

Naturally, naval warfare would open up many possibilities in Battlefield 4’s gameplay, either allowing a wider range of spawn options in multiplayer or allowing players to actually battle at sea.

What do you guys think?

Update 1

Check out the “Land” Battlefield 4 teaser.

Update 2

MP1st reader Mechcell brought this image to our attention, revealing a Gerald R. Ford Class aircraft carrier, viewable by loggin in to Battlefield 4’s official website.


We’ll surely be able to catch more this March 27.

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