Back to Karkand to Have a 2-Round Map Rotation, and Incoming BF3 PS3 Backend Update

Gustav Halling, Gameplay Designer at DICE, reveals a playlist update that will be arriving tomorrow, along with the Back to Karkand expansion pack for the PC and Xbox 360.

Halling stated that “tomorrow, Back To Karkand will get 2 rounds map rotation! Now you can take revenge on the other team in Conquest Assault!!” This has been a requested feature for a while and was mentioned in one of our earlier articles which you can read here. It is also something that was included in DICE’s previous titles, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor (for other game-types).

Halling also mentioned that the “PS3 will get a 10min backend update,” most likely corresponding with the maintenance on the Xbox 360 and PC, which you can read about here, along with the Back to Karkand release times.

Did you miss the 2-round matches from previous Battlefield titles?

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