Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Trigger, Here’s How to Hear Neebs on Brusilov Keep

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The Battlefield community isn’t just a group of capable first-person shooter fans who enjoy epic-scale warfare; they are also made up of keen Easter egg hunters. Battlefield games have always had a few secrets hidden away, and the community now expects and enjoys seeing them added. 

With the new Turning Tides DLC bringing a fresh set of maps to the CTE, before then moving to the full build of Battlefield 1, Easter egg hunters have been combining their efforts to discover what secrets the new locations contain. 

On the Brusilov Keep map, players can trigger voice lines by the Battlefield Friends. This Easter egg features banter from the main characters, as they discuss being trapped. 

Thanks to YouTube user Collision, we now know how to trigger the Battlefield Friends Easter egg on Brusilov Keep. Watch the video below for a clear demonstration:

What other secrets do you think will be found on the new Turning Tides DLC maps? More from Battlefield Friends, or something else entirely? Let us know.

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Source: Collision (YouTube)