Battlefield 1 CTE Client Now Has Turning Tides Heligoland Bight Map Available

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Have access to Battlefield 1’s CTE client and are patiently awaiting for the final map of the Turning Tides DLC to be available? If so, the wait is finally over.

Starting today, those who have access to CTE client for Battlefield 1 on PC can start play testing the Heligoland Bight map ahead of its January release. Those who don’t have access to said client and would like to see what the map is all about can do so thanks to the community trailer made by The Lanky Soldier:

It should be noted that the map is in a very early state, so things like textures and lighting won’t be included.

Those on consoles wondering why the new map isn’t available, it seems that some technical bugs were  found. Unfortunately, due to the upcoming holidays the issue couldn’t be fixed in time. Though, to compensate for this issue DICE will be pushing out an update that will include the new weapon changes that will go live next month.

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Source: Reddit