Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Zeebrugge Map Gameplay Surfaces

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Battlefield 1 is set to receive the first half of the Turning Tides DLC next week on December 11, but it seems that those who have access to the CTE client have something special waiting for them today.

CTE players for BF1 will be able to play test another new map from the Turning Tides DLC and it’s none other than Zeebrugge; a very linear map that takes place on a German naval base.

Now you’ve been caught up to speed on Zeebrugge, here’s one the very first footage of it:

If you guys want to skip straight to the action, skip to 2:50 in the video.

Don’t forget, there’s a bunch of holiday events for Battlefield 1 set to roll out this month as well.

Stay tuned for our Turning Tides impressions once it’s out in the wild.