Battlefield 1 Update for April Is Full of Bug Fixes and Tweaks

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DICE has rolled out a new Battlefield 1 update, and while there’s nothing new in terms of content (nope, the new guns datamined aren’t a part of it), there’s a lot of welcome bug fixes and tweaks.

Check out the full list of fixes below.


  • Changed the color of the Infiltrator Elite Class’ flare to respect custom colorblind UI colors.


  • Rotated the Telegraph Post to face away from the machinery in the final sector of Rush on River Somme.
  • Fixed an issue in Amiens where players could reach unintended areas on top of buildings.
  • Rebalanced Tsaritsyn in the Red Tide Operation, to reduce the likelihood of attackers spawning with direct line of sight of defending team at Point B.


  • Fixed an issue where the Mid-Round Team Balancer would occasionally assign players to a team beyond the team limit for that game mode.


  • Improved loading times into the soldier customization screen.
  • Reduced occurrence of disconnects when trying to join a server.
  • Fixed an issue where the scoring UI would be offset incorrectly when using a 21:9 monitor while spectating.
  • Updated the briefings of Operations to avoid overlapping elements in various resolutions, including 4K.
  • Fixed an issue where the introductory globe animations at the start of the Gallipoli Operation had overlapping UI elements.
  • Fixed an UI issue where capturing neutral flags in Frontlines would be incorrectly portrayed as though the team was reclaiming the capture point from their enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tanker Class icon would not display properly at the end of round.
  • Relocated the Caesar’s Wreath medal to the Combat category.
  • Fixed an issue where several skins for the Model 8 Autoloading did not include the weapon magazine in the thumbnail that displays when players first obtain the skin.


  • Fixed an issue where the first-person sprint animations would break with the Auto and Bull Dog Revolvers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Howell Automatic Sniper played incorrect sound effects when fired.
  • Fixed naming inconsistencies with the Model 1900 Slug.
  • Fixed an issue where K Bullets were playing incorrect sound effects when firing some weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the user’s camera would stick after deploying into the third seat of the Hansa Brandenburg bomber.
  • Fixed an issue where cavalry could heal other nearby vehicles (even behemoths!) for a short time after applying bandages while on horseback. This healing will now be properly applied only to the rider’s horse.

Source: Battlefield