Battlefield 2018 Info Leaker TheAlmightyDaq Posts Q&A

Unless you’ve been living under a loot box, you’ll no doubt have read about the leaks surrounding the new Battlefield game/s. According to TheAlmightyDaq, who is considered credible due to his accurate reports on Battlefield 1, next year’s game will be set in World War II, while another game is in the works called Bad Company 3.

It’s all getting a little complicated, and many are starting to question whether TheAlmightyDaq can still be trusted.

Rather than simply ignoring the skepticism of the Battlefield community, TheAlmightyDaq has instead compiled their questions and dedicated a video to answering them.

Hey Guys, Still getting used to this whole editing software. I will be posting more Q&A’s, Gameplay, News, and Montages, The current video is regarding a few Questions posted on the official Comment Section. Feel free to level feedback on how I can improve, and what kind of content you guys would like to see. Like/Dislike and have a happy holidays!

What do you think of these leaks? Convinced that we’ll be getting a World War II setting next year? Let us know.

In other Battlefield news, this Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Easter egg shows the pirate life, the original Bad Company is now available on Xbox One via EA Access, and Battlefield 2142 has been revived by modders.

Source: AlmightyDaq (YouTube)

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