Report: DICE Sweden Battlefield 2018 Title Will Be in WW2 Setting, DICE LA Working on Bad Company 3

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In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on the recent Battlefield news and developments, a fairly reliable leaker by the name of AlmightyDaq revealed that DICE is working on Battlefield: Bad Company 3. However, prominent Battlefield YouTuber LevelCap has refuted that and said his “sources inside” said it’s incorrect.

Well, AlmightyDaq has made another info leak, and this time, it paints a much clearer picture of what’s happening to the Battlefield franchise. In the video below, Daq mentions that DICE LA (formerly known as Danger Close responsible for Medal of Honor 2010, and Warfighter) is working on their own Battlefield game and that’s Bad Company 3. While DICE Sweden, which is the “main” studio, is working on Battlefield 2018, which we know more about of now.

Here’s a Reddit post from user WhoHereHasBeer that Daq says is the “perfect summation of the situation.”

In case the Reddit embed can’t be seen, it reads as:

I think I see what’s going on. Levelcap is basically saying, “hey, the leak is incorrect because there’s a different game coming out before BC3 in 2018” but more in kind of a douchey way. Basically just trying to discredit you and say it’s false even though he knows it technically isn’t false. Seems like something levelcap would do.

Moving on, according to Daq, the Battlefield 2018 entry will be a WW2 (World War 2) themed shooter, continuing from Battlefield 1, and “expanding” on everything that made BF1 great, and bringing it into a WW2 “atmosphere.” He adds that that DICE’s 2018 game is “visually stunning,” though is lacking in “feel” terms of the “gun game.”

All-out warfare fans will be glad to know that maps are said to be “huge,” and with improved destruction compared to BF1.

Regarding microtransactions, Daq mentioned that it will function in cosmetics only, which is the ideal scenario given the outburst from the gaming community following what happened to Star Wars Battlefront II.

Finally, Daq mentions that there’s no concrete title for DICE Sweden’s currently in development Battlefield game, though the final title has been “narrowed down to a handful.” You can check out the video of all the info here being discussed in the video below.

The tl;dr version of this all seems to be: DICE LA is working on Bad Company 3 (that won’t be released in 2018), while DICE Sweden’s Battlefield game will be WW2-themed, and due out next year. Daq is standing by his word that we WILL see Bad Company 3, though it might be a while before we do.

Once again, we’ve reached out to EA to seek a statement on the recent developments, and will update the post if and when they respond.

Would you want a WW2 Battlefield game? Or would you rather see the franchise take the Bad Company 3 route first before diving back into a historical setting? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.