Battlefield 2042 Aim Assist Added on Console, Here’s How Much “Help” It Adds

Battlefield 2042 Animations

In case you didn’t know, DICE rolled out the biggest title update to Battlefield 2042 to date with Update #3 earlier today. Not only did it have tuning for weapons, Specialists and the like, but it also added Battlefield 2042 aim assist on consoles, which is something players have been asking for since the beta.

If you can’t or haven’t played the game with the patch applied just yet but want to know how mich aim assist DICE added, we’re here to help! Our own Jimmy Lara captured gameplay footage to highlight just how much assist this little tweak helps gamers. Important to note that almost every shooter on consoles (and the Battlefield franchise is no exception to this) has always had aim assit out of the gate, but for some reason Battlefield 2042 didn’t have this, which meant console gamers were at a disadvantage going up against PC gamers.

As you can see, it’s not a lot — definitely not something PC gamers can complain about, no? Given how mouse and keyboard controls offer a more precise aiming method than controllers, it’s understandable that console gamers would want Battlefield 2042 aim assist turned on. Of course, if it’s too much, it would break the game for PC gamers as well, so DICE has to find the perfect balance for it.

For those on consoles, have you felt the aim assist help in today’s patch? Is it just right or is it too little? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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2 years ago

Tf is this GTA Online? In a FPS focused game? Yeah its a problem for PC gamers. Turning off Crossplay stay tf outta my lobbies Poor aimbots

Reply to  David
1 year ago

Imagine being outraged by aim assist when all you do is literally point and click to shoot 🤣

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