Battlefield 2042 BF3 Classes for Portal Leak; Event Log to Be Centered With “Nicer Style”

Battlefield 2042 bf3

If you participated in the Battlefield 2042 beta this past week, you are more than likely aware of the major change to the class system DICE introduced with Specialists. Now, players don’t select a specific classes, but instead can choose from a set of operators that don’t fit one particular role. If you’re one of the many players who want a return to the original class-based system featured in past Battlefield titles. Well, seems like we will be getting something like it, at least in Battlefield Portal, A new leak resulting from a bug in the beta has given us our first look at the Battlefield 2042 BF3 classes in action. 

Down below you’ll find some “leaked” footage of the classes that will be available in Battlefield Portal. Unlike the core mode featured in the Battlefield 2042 beta, it does appear that these classes/operators will have locked equipment and weapons. Gadgets for example can’t be used across all the operators here as rockets and anti-air weaponry will only show up for the Engineer class, whereas Support gets access to claymores and such. Have a watch below! 

I got to say, this is definitely looking to be the classic Battlefield experience that many are hoping for. Fingers crossed that this makes it into the core modes of Battlefield 2042 and not just Portal or Hazard Zone.

And on the subject of things making it to the final release, If you didn’t like how the event log (where it showed your XP for healing, reviving, etc.) were presented in the beta (on the right side), don’t fret, as DICE has confirmed that it’ll be on the center, and will even have different coloring and messaging! This was confirmed by DICE dev elenarie over on ResetEra where they mention:

This is definitely good news, as even we had trouble noticing how many XP we got and whatnot given it’s all on the right side. For more on Battlefield 2042, don’t forget that this October 14, DICE will finally unveil our first look at the game’s Hazard Zone mode.

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