Battlefield 2042 Crossplay Confirmed, Cross-Progression, “Cross-Commerce” Being Worked On

Battlefield 2042

With Battlefield 2042 featuring 128-player matches as one of its main selling points, some might be wondering if the game will employ crossplay and how it’ll work between console generations. Today, EA answered that, as it confirmed Battlefield 2042 crossplay is being worked on, as well as cross-progression, and “cross-commerce.”

As one might expect, crossplay in Battlefield 2042 will be limited within console generations. This means that PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC gamers can play together, while PS4 and Xbox One are locked into their own crossplay bubble given the two last-gen consoles cannot handle 128-player matches. EA mentioned that they are currently developing Battlefield 2042 crossplay and will test it in the closed alpha.

Testing cross-play during the Technical Playtest
We’ll test a subset of cross-play functionality during the Technical Playtest. This means during this test, PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation® 5 consoles will be able to test playing together.

Cross-play in Battlefield 2042 beyond the Technical Playtest
We are still building cross-play functionality, and the first opportunity for us to test it with a wider, invite-only group will be within the Technical Playtest. Right now, we’d like to give you an understanding of what we’re looking to achieve as final functionality beyond the Technical Playtest, so here is an overview of what you can expect that to look like:

  • PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5® consoles (PC and console can opt-out from playing together)
  • Xbox One and PlayStation 4® consoles

As for cross-progression, EA has also confirmed that it is indeed being worked on, too.

Cross-progression and cross-commerce
Alongside cross-play we’re also building cross-progression and cross-commerce for Battlefield 2042, which will be shared across all platforms and travel with you wherever you go. For example, your unlocked progress and purchases in your PlayStation® copy of the game will carry over onto the Xbox or PC version, and vice versa*.

For cross-commerce, this implies that Battle Passes will carryover to platforms, which is a nice confirmation. Given how DICE has said that it has “tricks” up their sleeves when it comes to BF 2042’s live service element, we’re glad cross-commerce has been addressed as early as today.

Battlefield 2042 will be released this October 22 on all platforms.

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