15 Fan-Favorite Battlefield Maps We Want to See in Battlefield 2042

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With Ripple Effect Studios (formerly DICE LA) confirming that they are working on a mode in Battlefield 2042 that will feature “fan-favorite” maps, we here at MP1st decided to list a few of the game’s maps that we want to see in the franchise.

Note that given how Battlefield’s gameplay offers a wide range of possibilities, most of the maps here are focused on infantry vs. infantry, and as such, don’t expect wide open maps that are primarily made for vehicles here. With that said, head on below and see if you agree!

Maps list are in no particular order.

Operation Metro (BF3)

Let’s get this one out of the way first. If there’s ONE map in this entire list that we’re sure will be in Battlefield 2042, it’s Operation Metro. This is the most popular Battlefield map (like it or hate it) possibly of all-time. There’s a reason why people flock to Op Metro, and regardless if it’s a meat grinder-type of map, it has its appeal. We’re fairly certain we’ll see Operation Metro in BF2042, since it’s almost a tradition to see this map pop up in every Battlefield game nowadays.

Seine Crossing (BF3)

Another fan-favorite map from Battlefield 3, Seine Crossing showcased tight infantry action, with a few vehicles thrown in to spice things up. How fun was it firing tank shells on buildings to drop debris on enemies? We’re hoping to see this one given a much wider space to accomodate 128-players.

Wake Island (BF 1942)

The only map in this entire list from the OG Battlefield — Battlefield 1942, Wake Island has been revived again and again, and we’re fairly certain we’ll see this one in BF2042 in one form or another. It offers the perfect balance of vehicles, infantry, naval, and aerial combat all in one map! It is a pain to travel from one island end to another though.

Strike at Karkand (BF2)

While Wake Island might be the most famous BF1942 map, Karkand is possibly Battlefield 2’s most iconic one. It’s also been remastered in more recent Battlefield games, and it’s understandable why. It offers a great urban setting where players can hide in buildings as infantry, or lay waste to enemies using vehicles. It even has good sniper perches to, for bush wookies to, y’know, snipe and spot (if they ever do that).

Damavand Peak (BF3)

While Battlefield 3 offered a varied map selection, there’s none as unique as Damavand Peak. While the map starts out like your everday Battlefield map. capturing the first objective point meant players had to dive hundreds of feet down(and parachute) to the next ones, which honestly felt exhilarating at the time. Once down, there were caverns to hide in, and more. Damavand Peak felt like three maps in one, and transitioned from one area to the next in the most badass way possible.

Hill 137 (Bad Company 2 Vietnam)

Are we cheating including this since it’s from an expansion? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing we’re certain of is how awesome Hill 137 was! Conflicts engulfed the entire map in fire which burned down cover! It was a struggle fighting uphill (literally) that made capturing the objective once you reach the top, very satisfying.

Imagine 64v64 battles (heck, or even 32v32) on this badass hill with trees and bushes for cover? Yeah, that would be insane to see and we’d love to experience it.

White Pass (Bad Company 2)

Bad Company 2 had a number of snow maps, but White Pass offered balance in terms of how cover was available for both sides. The white gave a stark contrast to the usual grays and browns we see in most Battlefield maps, and we’re hoping to see this again in BF2402.

Oasis (Bad Company 2)

Bad Company 2 might not have the biggest maps, or have the most vehicles available in its maps, but it more than made up for it with tight infantry levels like Oasis. Capturing and defending objectives offerered both sides good line of sights, where not one side had the distinct advantage. It might seem like a small thing, but you’d be surprised at how many multiplayer maps can’t even say that.

Paracel Storm (BF4)

When Battlefield 4 was announced, “levolution” was mentioned as one of its latest new features, and aside from Siege of Shanghai, this was evident in Paracel Storm where we got a huge storm enter the map, obscure visibility, and even have the waves affect how you can shoot enemies, navigate nautical vehicles and the like.

Did I mention that the starting area where you storm an actual naval ship was just like a scene from an action movie? Once you’ve completed that, you’re then tasked to storm an island.

If BF3 had Damavand Peak as memorable map, BF4 had Paracel Storm.

Caspian Border (BF3)

If there was ever a map in BF3 that was the perfect showpiece as to what Battlefield stood for, Caspian Border was the map. It had structures that could be torn down, it allowed for jets, choppers, tanks, quad bikes and the like to be used freely, and it even gave infantry time to to shine in specific areas of the map where you can sneakily take out vehicles.

Regardless if it was Rush or Conquest, Caspian Border offered an amazing time for all players given the map layout, and how each objective weren’t too far from each other which meant action was non-stop.

Zavod 311 (BF4)

Zavod 311 might not be as familiar as Siege of Shanghai, or the other BF4 maps out there, but it offered different layers of engagement. Players can go up structures to snipe incoming attackers, or you can hide below deck and just mow down those who wanted to plant MCOMS. Given the map size, tanks were able to flex on the map, though not so much that infantry combat was overshadowed.

Zavod 311 might not be the most famous BF4 map, but it definitely belongs on the list.

Grand Bazaar (BF3)

While Operation Metro was seen as the premiere infantry-focused map in BF3, Grand Bazaar was a close second. Sure, vehicles were playable on the level, but the real action was always in the center that was off limits to vehicles. Players can use their grenade launchers to drop debris on unsuspecting enemies, and it was just a cluster of bodies, med packs, ammo packs and the like, as all chaos broke out.

Grand Bazaar wasn’t as “grind-y” as Operation Metro, but offered the same kind of infantry-centric intensity.

Noshar Canals (BF3)

If you played TDM (Team Deathmatch) in BF3, then chances are, you’ll have played on Noshar Canals. Heck, go to YouTube and search for “BF3 TDM montages,” and chances are, most will be from Noshar Canals. This is one of the  — if not the most — iconic TDM map so far.

Even as Conquest and Rush maps, Noshar wasn’t bad, either.

Operation Locker (BF4)

If you thought Operation Metro was grindy, wait till you experience Operation Locker! From the on-set, Op Locker was a slog (but in a fun way) to get through one objective to the next. There were the jail portion of the maps that were also a grind-fest, and of course, the tower area where walls, grenades, bullets and everything kept flying non-stop.

Some might hate these meat grinder-type maps, but there’s no denying their appeal.

Arica Harbor (Bad Company 2)

Ah, yes. In this humble writer’s opinion, Arica Harbor is one of the best Battlefield maps ever built, and it’s a shame that we never saw any other game outside of Bad Company 2 feature it.

There were mountains, buildings, and all sorts of cover, but not enough that it made vehicles useless. The fact that Bad Company offered full-on destruction played a heavy hand in making Arica Harbor a fast-paced map.

How can anyone forget that middle area where buildings, small enclaves where infantry can hide stood ground with the medic trains all assisting vehicles with their LMGs? If there was ever a map I wanted to see comeback, it’s Arica Harbor.

Well, there you have it. Needless to say, there are bound to be favorites from players that weren’t part of the list, and we want to hear about it! List down in the comments which classic Battlefield map should be remade in BF2042 and why.

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