Battlefield 2042 Hit Registeration, Bloom, and Aim Assist Issues Being Looked at by DICE

Battlefield 2042 Hit Registeration

If you’re playing Battlefield 2042, and noticed that hit registeration seems to feel off, well, you’re not alone. Not only that, but for console gamers, if you also feel that aim assist feels off, it’s also not just you. DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 hit registeration, aim assist, and even bloom are all being looked into and will get tweaks.

Over on Twitter, Lead Game Designer for Battlefield 2042 Florian Le Bihan confirmed some of the tweaks being looked into, as he replied to fan concerns.

On aim assist being enabled on consoles:

Le Bihan confirming Battlefield 2042 hit registeration is being worked on:

On gun bloom getting changes. For those not familiar what bloom is, it’s basically aim down sight (ADS) spread, where your bullets don’t exactly hit where you’re aiming them at. Other games like Call of Duty Vanguard also has this, which is frankly, annoying.

These are all good news for BF2042 players, so let’s hope we get a time frame on when we’ll actually get these changes in the game. Speaking of changes, DICE has outlined some of the tweaks and fixes incoming in the next patch, which you can read about here.

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