Battlefield 2042 Mouse Aiming Issue Explained by DICE, Audio Changes & More Coming in Next Patch

Battlefield 2042 Mouse Aiming Issue

While DICE has already acknowledged the Battlefield 2042 mouse issue that surfaced with last week’s patch, one DICE dev has went out of his way to explain the nuances of it, and how a oarticular Battlefield 2042 mouse aiming issue compares to other games.

Over on Reddit, BF2042 Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan responded to a thread which claims Farming Simulator 2021 has more accurate mouse input than Battlefield 2042. Here’s Le Bihan’s complete comment that even has a link to an example:

To kick things of, I’m not disagreeing on the fact that mouse aiming may have issues right now. We have eyes on it and we’re actively investigating what can be wrong and how we improve this amongst other input related issues.

However, I was curious about what Silk showed in this video and gave this software (Mouse Movement Recorder) a go to better understand what information it actually gives and I think the testing isn’t really showing anything that can prove any issue sadly. It doesn’t show a problem at least for mouse input acceleration because it can’t really clearly show that clearly in FPS games.

From testing, having both green and red is perfectly normal for FPS games or any shooters and games where the program needs to lock the pointer to screen center. This is actually what the green & red mean here, they indicate that the pointer is being re-positioned on positive or negative axis which you will find in any shooter games most likely.

If Farming Simulator locks the mouse pointer too, you should see both green & red most likely, specifically when giving diagonal mouse input, you’ll get a lot of red because the repositioning will be negative. This is not shown in the example of the video but if some input updates are green then some are most likely also red red depending on the movement.

This can be seen on games where we know the mouse input is probably some of the most consistent and responsive in the FPS industry like CSGO. Here is an example:

Le Bihan isn’t done there. Over on Twitter, Le Bihan has responded to some gamer concerns and whether they are being worked on. We’ve included the player reports that Le Bihan has confirmed will have fixes in the next title update, which includes audio changes for footsteps cofirmed!

Bear in nind that the stuff listed above aren’t the entire list of fixes being rolled out or worked on by DICE, but rather just some that Le Bihan has confirmed that are in the works.

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