Battlefield 2042 Movement & Sprint Speed Comparison to Past BF Games Revealed; Being Able to Grab Ledges Confirmed

Battlefield 2042 Beta Build

If you played the Battlefield 2042 beta for quite some time, chances are, you have an opinion regarding the Battlefield 2042 movement and sprint speed, and how it worked compared to past Battlefield games. While the infantry movement felt way faster in the beta compared to the previous entries in the series, it seems that’s not exactly the case.

Over on Twitter, Core Gameplay Designer of Battlefield Florian Le Bihan gave the numerical values of the sprint speed, and other movement data, and it might surprise you. We’ve compiled Le Bihan’s tweets into one complete read so it’s easier to digest.

The BF2042 traversal sprint is just a tad under that, it’s 7.25m/s which is just a bit faster than the Sprint perk from BF3/BF4 that took the sprint speed to 7.15m/s that you didn’t reference here 🙂

6.5m/s was sprint speed for BF3 and BF4, BF Hardline was at 6.75m/s and I don’t remember if there was a sprint perk that allows to get to something higher than that like BF3/4

Oh yeah and BF2042 default sprint speed is also 6.5m/s

Sprint was exactly the same in BF3 when it comes to speed and accelerations, however the regular walk/run accelerations were faster (but top speed was the same)

75% slower sprint out time, jumping and sliding are barely affected (meaning the extra distance you can get for a jump or the extra acceleration you get going into a slide is not significant)

Here’s a comparison on movement speed for the modern era Battlefield games:

Default | Tactical
Battlefield 3/4: 6.5m/s | 7.15m/s
Battlefield Hardline: 6.75m/s
Battlefield 2042: 6.5m/s | 7.25m/s

While not tied to sprint speed, Le Bihan also confirmed that grabbing ledges (which was in Battlefield V) is also available in the game, and what’s more, players will even be able to grab onto ledges that are higher now — something that wasn’t available in Battlefield V.

This is in the game though, you can actually grab ledges above you now which was not possible in BF5. The maximum height to vault over obstacles is also the same as BF5, no change there.

Vault height is 2.4m (same as BFV) – Containers are much higher than that.

If you know people who are complaining about the movement being too fast, might be best to show them this, to let them know that it has stayed relatively the same.

Are you happy with how the Battlefield 2042 movement and sprint speed was in the beta, or do you want it changed? Let us know down in the comments below.

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