Battlefield 2042 Next Patch 3.3 Now Locked for Next Week, Weekly Missions Returning Alongside It

Battlefield 2042

Following yesterday’s news that the next title update (version 3.3) for Battlefield 2042 was set to be rolled out this Thursday, DICE has clarified today that the Battlefield 2042 next patch 3.3 is now due to be released next week *(no day and date specified, sadly).

This was confirmed by DICE Global Community Manager Adam Freeman, who mentioned that they made the decision to delay the patch’s release from this week to next, so that they (DICE) will be better positioned to support the game in case any issues surface from the patch over the weekend.

Here’s Freeman’s message over on the EA Answers board: where he also explained that the Weekly Missions that were pulled last week due to the on-going Russia-Ukraine conflict will be coming back with patch 3.3!

Hey Folks,

Just a quick note to share that we are now expecting our next game update (Update 3.3) to drop next week. We had intended to release it later this week, but made the decision to hold it back so that we’re best positioned to support in case of any issues that might have cropped up over the weekend.

Our decision to relase the update next week will mean a further suspension of Weekly Missions, and the system will remain inactive this week. Next weeks update will provide new content that will allow us to reenable this feature.

Update 3.3 will introduce a refreshed Scoreboard, incorporating requests from across the Community to update our format to display Deaths alongside Kills, and a team split to help differentiate leaders per team. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions on this, it’s deeply appreciated by us all.

Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass Holders, Upgraded edition owners, and EA Play Pro subcribers will also be receiving the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle as shared last month, when this update goes live.

We’ll also have a small range of additional fixes live as part of the game update which will be detailed in our Update Notes next week.

I will keep you updated on our deployment schedule here, and via @BattlefieldComm on Twitter.

Freeman // @PartWelsh

Once we know the patch notes and when it’s set to drop, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.
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