Battlefield 2042 Next Update 3.3 Scheduled for This Thursday, Patch Notes on Wednesday (Update)

Battlefield 2042 Next Update

Just a few days ago, DICE revealed that news regarding the next feedback loop will be making its way “next week.” Well, next week is now, and it looks like we’ll be getting the Battlefield 2042 next update earlier than expected!

Update (3/1/2022): DICE has announced that patch 3.3 is confirmed to drop next week! Per the studio, this is so that they are positioned to support players in case any issues arise from the patch over the weekend. Read the complete announcement here.

DICE announced back in February’s first week that the Battlefield next patch tagged as version 3.3 would be hitting sometime in March, which was pushed back from its earlier February release time. It seems this March release date is targeted for this Thursday, March 3, with the patch notes set to be released on Wednesday if things go according to plan. This was revealed by DICE Community Manager Adam Freeman, who also revealed that a blog update is also set to go live on Wednesday, provided the patch passes final review.

Final review of the patch happens overnight with publish this week if we go ahead. If not I’ll look to provide a clearer vision of when its due when we’re happy with the best date.

If our patch is going out this week it will be Thursday, so we’ll have patch notes and blog on Wed

We’ll be keeping an eye on this, and if anything is pushed out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know. Players can expect a refreshed scoreboard as one of the many improvements in patch 3.3. Let’s hope this patch pushes through this week, and we get news on a proper roadmap and more as well.

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