Battlefield 2042 Paik Scanner Nerf Rolled Out by DICE

Battlefield 2042 Paik Scanner Nerf

While we’re just starting Season 2 of Battlefield 2042, it seems the new map, Stranded, has become the perfect place for Specialist Paik’s scanner ability to be used. Due to player feedback, DICE has now deployed a Battlefield 2042 Paik scanner nerf today!

Battlefield 2042 Paik Scanner Nerf Overview:

Just yesterday, DICE Community Manager Kevin Johnson replied to player that was complaining about Paik being “ridiculous” when played on the new map. 

It seems this necessary change was needed ASAP, as Paik has been nerfed already! Players can expect Paik’s EMG-X Scanner to have a shorter range, and to have its spot duration lowered too.

Changes to Paik’s EMG-X Scanner are now active to reduce its disruptive impact on gameplay flow:

Scan Range -> 25m
Spot Duration 0.85 -> 0.07s

This means Scanning now acts as a snapshot instead of a prolonged Spot, while also requiring you to be closer to players to Scan them.

Hopefully, this reduces the constant spots players will experience from Paik’s wallhack ability. If there are more changes released, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

In other BF2042 news, DICE has confirmed that there are no plans to bring a server browser feature in All-Out Warfare.

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