Battlefield 2042 Update 2.0 Stealth Changes and Known Issues List Revealed

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With yesterday’s Season 2 (Update 2.0) patch roll out for Battlefield 2042, DICE introduced a slew of new content, gameplay adjustments, bug fixes and more. However, same as with the other major patches, this title update also included bugs and other unannounced changes too! Curious what the Battlefield 2042 Update 2.0 stealth changes and known issues below.

For this season’s title update, it seems the unannounced changes are kept to a minimum, and most don’t really affect gameplay that much. However, there seems to be more bugs introduced this season as well. Same as with the other stealth changes list, the list below might contain fixes and bugs that differ by platform, but what’s listed below have been verified by the community.

Battlefield 2042 Update 2.0 Stealth Changes and Known Issues List:

All stealth changes that community found out about:

  • #1 [PERSISTENT BUG] lasers are still miss aligned and not fixed
  • #2 [PERSISTENT BUG] mouse input is still not fixed.
  • #3 When spawned on teammate in prone position you are set in prone too
  • #4 Added multiple small magnification sights to crossbow that were missing before
  • #5 [BUG FIX] First person playermodels at higher FOV’s have been fixed, so they no longer clip through the camera and warp
  • #6 Jet cannons produce spark effects on impact.
  • #7 You can now view the leaderboard after Victory on console all the way up until next game.
  • #8 there’s now a heads-up from command when a storm is forming
  • #9 [NEEDS FURTHER VERIFICATION] I may be wrong on this but the plus menu depth of field and darkening effect has been amplified.
  • #10 I was literally playing this game hours before this update and I can definitely tell the AIM sensitivity or something feels a lot better. Not as much of the aim assist anymore which is nice. I’m playing on the Xbox Series X. Curious if anyone else felt like the gun play is a little smoother= Yeah guns feel alot more accurate especially ARs not sure if recoil was toned down again

    = ARs feel nice, especially over distance now. Not tried SMGs yet. But I was doing really well before.

    = felt the same but not sure if it’s aim or visuals. I felt as if I could see where my bullets were going better so I was aiming better.

  • #11 They added picatinny risers on specific optics to fix the clipping issue when ADS on certain weapons
  • #12 They added outline for HUD text if game detects background is too bright. Same thing BFV had.
  • #13 [PERSISTENT BUG] Dead bodies frozen on the spot still an active bug
  • #14 Changed the order of attack vehicles (stealth heli now at the bottom – ironic)
  • #15 [BUG INTRODUCED] BUG: if you back out of the unlocks screen after the match you won’t be able to navigate the “play” menu and a new match won’t start. You need to restart the game.
  • #16 [WHAAAT?!?] Season 1 badge still not progressing DICE/EA saying that it “progressing in background” but it’s actually not. Now when season is over you’re stuck at whatever level badge you already has. You can’t use workaroud like playing many portal matches to fix it now. Even if you got more points that 1150 needed for t1 mastery you won’t get it. So if you leveled BP to level 100 and then grinded 150 points and your badge is stuck well GL, support will not give it yo you.]
  • #17 Grenades like EMP come up yellow instead of red
  • #18 When you crawl Your arms/gun doesn’t follow the camera anymore.
  • #19 [PERSISTENT BUG] ADS bug still not fixed
  • #20 When you shoot a metal surface the Surface/bullet will glow a short time.NOW –

    BEFORE –

    They haven’t always been a thing.

    But it is possible that they were added later

  • #21 [BUG INTRODUCED] GVT rifle with the suppressor is bugged, it makes 0 sound when you shoot the weapon.
  • #22 [PERSISTENT BUG] When the hell are they gonna fix the bipod?! It still collapses every time you switch to a pistol or gadget, so you have to redeploy it every time you pull the gun out.It’s been like this for 3 updates straight!
  • #23 There’s a new Russian VO announcer
  • #24 ticket count is now high contrast
  • #25 you can’t change squads in game as you was able to do so before.
  • #26 [BUG INTRODUCED] No music at the end of round on Kaleidoscope, it has appeared in 1.2
  • #27 Game seems to run much better on PC, feels so much smoother. I can’t of course confirm this, but would like to see if others have the same experience.Just played kaleidoscope and breakaway and they felt super smooth as well.

    Ryzen 5900x and RTX3090. The game always felt really laggy even with these sepcs. But now it is super smooth.

  • #28 [BUG INTRODUCED] Season 2 badge progress not counting HAHAHAH
  • #29 Able to view Portal characters –
  • #30 Able to change the flash effect of the concussuon grenade from the Accessibility menu –
  • #31 [PERSISTENT BUG] Sundance grenades indicator is still bugged
  • #32 [PERSISTENT BUG] Regarding number 31; this is also the case for Irish
  • #33 [BUG INTRODUCED] Skybox is slightly broken at the very top on the new map.
  • #34 [BUG INTRODUCED] Official patch list states, “the MAV now has a working handbrake”I played in bots to test it because I don’t have time rn. The MAV does not have a handbrake like the other og transport category. It’s just a brake. Exactly like hitting the reverse button while accelerating. There is also no hud button listing on the right side.

    Sorry fellow MAVers. No drifting just yet

  • #35 Performance on PC has been improved by around 25%. Asked people on chat and they also see around 20 more FPS on average. (Went from 60-80 to 90-120 on breakaway 128)
  • #36 The new ‘Conquest Custom’ portal mode doesn’t work (for me on PS5) I’ve created multiple experiences and tried hosting them multiple times and end up stuck on a blank screen and will have to restart the game.Example –
  • #37 [BUG INTRODUCED] When prone and on fire flak cannot inject herself with a stim.
  • #38 [BUG INTRODUCED] RUSH BUG – Endless game…the tickets where off and the the time came to 0 and the round doesnt end…we have to let the other team take all the objetives…i have a screenshot to show the amount of kills of everyone.

    (i forgot to say that this was on PORTAL)

  • #39 Tracers on HMG/LMG on vehicles have been made larger.
  • #40 [BUG INTRODUCED] AM40’s first magazine upgrade (standard issue rounds) doesn’t have 30 rounds, only 20. incorrectly labeled in the UI.
  • #41 [BUG INTRODUCED] Unlocks for weapon attachments and vehicles are broken, you unlock them the mastery tier AFTER you were supposed to it seems.
  • #42 The No.4 Sniper in Portal BF1942 no longer has the option to equip iron sights.
  • #43 The M16A3’s reload animations were slightly touched up with less janky movements and the magazine release now animated.
  • #44 [NEEDS FURTHER VERIFICATION] Could just be me but I feel like ziplines are a lot quieter now so enemies can much more easily sneak up on you.
  • #45 [PERSISTENT BUG] Maybe this bug will get more attention here but it’s not newly introduced, it’s in the game since Season 1 I believe.Every time I shoot automatic weapons they will randomly stop firing, it’s not my controllers, it’s not my connection. I even un- and reinstalled the game, no joy. It is absolutely game breaking, I have lost countless of firefights because the weapons will just randomly stop firing. It is really annoying. I reported this here and on the EA HQ forums or whatever it’s called. I just want to have fun. :'( On PS5 btw.
  • #46 Ragdolls are yeeted extremely high when killed by explosives. I didn’t notice it that crazy before.
  • #47 AM40 has same HS multiplier as SMG (×1.25)

The list should grow still, as more bugs and stealth changes are found. Once the list is updated, we’ll update the article, too.

Thanks, ANGRYlalocSOLDIE!

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